Mad Math: Probability Frenzy

Did you ever play Mad Libs as a kid? For me, it was a really fun way to pass the time on long, boring car rides. I am delighted to see that it’s also a great way to get students excited about math problems!

Previously, I blogged about a factoring version of this game (scroll down to find it). This time, I have an example that can be used for probability.

The game could be modified to be about nearly any math topic, including fractions and decimals for pre-algebra.

It’s a great way to get students to laugh and start working together. After they finish the problems they have created (at the end of the mad lib), they can do a worksheet together that you have prepared — you’ll find they are much more willing to get some work done after they have played this game!


PDF Version: Mad Math example for probabilty 


  • The group leader does not show the group this piece of paper!
  • The leader asks each person in the group in turn to contribute a word, letter or number until all the blanks are filled in, including the number blanks at the end.
  • If a person gets stuck on a word, they can use one of the ones on the board.
  • After all the blanks are in, the leader reads the story and the group works out the problems.


My ___________ subway ride started when a giant  ___________   _____________ up from the subway               adjective                                                                    animal         verb ending in –ed               


and into the ____ train.  People were  ___________, but I got a ___________, so I was ___________.

                      letter                                    verb ending in –ing               noun                                 adjective


When I got to school, my ___________ professor would not ___________my excuse and said that if

                                                       adjective                                        verb


was late one more time, I would get a ____. What a ___________ day!                                                           letter                       adjective


Luckily, I found out that the probability of another day like this is  ___________!

                                                                                                 A number between 0.01 and 0.99



Find the following probabilities

  1. There are _____________ people at the parade. The number wearing sunglasses is ______.

A number between 80 and 90                               a number between 5 and 70

  1. Find the probability that a random person at the parade is wearing sunglasses.


  1. Find the probability that a random person at the parade is not wearing sunglasses.


  1. At a fast food restaurant, _________ people get sick, while __________ people do not.

A number between 10 and 20                               a number between 30 and 40

  1. Find the probability that a random person at the restaurant got sick.


  1. Find the probability that a random person did not get sick.



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